New Book Release: Modern Accordion Perspectives – 3

Sergej Tchirkov:  Issues of practicing for an accordion performance with electronics. pp.50-52
Modern Accordion Perspectives #3

“An International Overview of Accordion Pedagogy”

Edited by Claudio Jacomucci
ISBN: 978-88-92664-22-7


Masks – Identities Project

Collegium Novum Zürich / MCME
Soloists: Matthias Arter (oboe), Ernesto Molinari (clarinet), Sergej Tchirkov (accordion)
Conductor: Titus Engel
March, 20th – Radiostudio Zürich
April, 5th – Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
April, 6th – St.Petersburg Theatre Museum

Works by Aram Hovanisyan (WP), Dmitri Kourliandski, Isabel Mundry, Stefan Wirth (WP)

Sergej Tchirkov and Alter Ego Quartet, SMC/HEMU Lausanne

Joined by Alter Ego string quartet (Aldo Campagnari, Jacopo Bigi, William Murray, Francesco Dillon) Sergej Tchirkov performs works by Baumann, Fedele, Pintscher and Finnissy at the University of Music Lausanne (HEMU) as part of the SMC concert series. The concert will be held on March, 7th at the Utopia I Hall and will be broadcasted by Swiss Television RTS Espace 2. Further information: