New Paper Published: “Synthax of Gesture: The Concept of Deconstruction in Music Interpretation”

SYNTAX OF GESTURE: THE CONCEPT OF DECONSTRUCTION IN MUSIC INTERPRETATION. Bulletin of Vaganova Ballet Academy. 2017;(6):119-127. (In Russ.) The summary in English:

Recent studies refer to a phenomenon of musical gesture as one of the most important elements of a music performance. This is in the domain of gesture that the interpretational (rational) act meets the body and brain vehicle for sound production. The technical part of musician’s work, his or her psycho-emotional and physical abilities play a decisive role especially in the performance of highly differentiated multi-structural pieces of music. This paper focuses on some aspects of performer’s analysis and interpretation of music by Brian Ferneyhough from the point of view of deconstruction in music, – a concept presented by Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf. It also aims to study the role of gesture and its forming components in the process of identifying and communicating to the listener the discursive contradictions at the interpretational level.